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Email to  (Mr.Jim)

liza@tourrein.com  (Miss. Liza)


Wu Qing Industrial Zone ,Tianjin City,China 




Tel:                         +86 13682076757   (Miss. Liza Shao)
+86 13902053861    (Mr. Jim)


Wu Qing Industrial Zone ,Tianjin City,China 

Hello, please contact us if you have any questions. Please submit any questions and Suggestions about us. 
We will reply you as soon as possible.Thank you for your help. We will serve you in 7*24 hours.

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About Us

Tianjin Liyade Industry and Trade CO.,LTD is located in Wuqing District,Tianjin City.The factory is founded in 1997,during the 20 years development,we grow up into a bicycle manufacture giant focus on a succession of procedures such as design, research and development, production,sales and so on. We have our own environmental painting shop to keep the production smoothly ;We have the professional team and advanced equipments. We aim to supply the deluxe and chic products, to lead the vigorous and healthy riding culture. 

The company has nearly 20,000 square meters standard factory buildings, 3 bicycle production lines , 2 wheel assembly lines with more than 200 employees . The annual capacity of all kinds of bicycles is more than 500,000 units . The company has passed the export product quality license certification and ISO9001: 2008 system certification, CE EU quality system certification, our products of Tourrein brand are exported to Europe, United States, Japan and other regions.

Our factory has strong technical force, advanced technology testing equipment, 20 years production experience, and our products has the chic design, deluxe quality with competitive price.We adhering to the quality priority and the principle of Customer Orientation, and control the quality of products strictly. On the basis of consolidating the original market , we continue development and innovation in order to divide a piece of cake of the market from the fierce competition.

We pursue "integrity-based, innovation first" as the corporate purposes, with a high degree of enthusiasm and social responsibility to serve for the customers. We will keep learning the advanced results at home and abroad, so that consumers can enjoy the best service.